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About Carbonin

The story of Carbonin is
the story of a passionate bike racer

What do you do when you can’t find parts for racing motorcycles that suit your needs?
Simple: You make them yourself.

Well, it’s not THAT simple. Reading the story of Carbonin will help you understand how and why we stand behind the quality of our carbon and avio fiber motorcycle parts.
Here’s Peter’s story:

I was a passionate motorcycle racer, addicted to speed, and committed to perfection, just like you might be. But back then, at the end of the second millennium, there was a lack of quality parts for the race bike I was maintaining by myself.

The parts were too heavy, or they didn’t fit perfectly – and they broke into pieces after a crash. No one likes to fall – but that’s just as much a part of racing as is being a winner. You can’t discover the limits of your bike and yourself if you don’t take it to the edge.

I dreamt of lighter, stronger, and perfectly designed fitted parts that could be mounted on the bike directly out of the box, right there on the racetrack, after a crash. Because I couldn’t find parts like that on the market, I started experimenting in my garage and producing them myself.  

Back then, in 1999, I was only focusing on my second biggest love, the Honda CBR600RR, but after some of my racing buddies saw my work, the demand was on. After testing the parts on the track and improving the production process each time, the parts became good. In fact, they were incredible for that time.   

My goal was to take away all the tedious work, like drilling holes, installing the right bolts, cutting the parts, and bending the original holders to fit. Racers and mechanics gave a big thumbs-up to the simple, out-of-the-box installation. They loved the perfect fitting and all-in-one design and painting solutions. They became our best advocates and promotors. The parts fit perfectly!

Putting on new race fairings became as simple as installing an app on a smartphone today. And they tended to keep their original shape after a crash or a slide. Not always, it’s true, but reinforcing the carbon with some Kevlar produces miracles.

The Carbonin brand was soon recognized by professional racing teams all around Europe, while our products are now present in more than 50 countries across the globe. FIM World Superbike, World Endurance, 300 Supersport, 600 and 1000 Superstock, AMA Moto America, plus various national and regional championships … You name it. MotoGP? No, …
not yet...

As a father of two kids and a CEO of a company, I don't race anymore.

As a father of two kids and a CEO of a company,
I don't race anymore.

But that doesn’t mean our team doesn’t compete! Making sure our Carbonin avio and carbon fiber parts stay in the lead in the motorcycle world and other industries, where top quality, lightness, a perfect fit, and a premium look is required, is a race in itself.

It’s YOU, dear racer, who benefits from the whole story. YOUR bike craves Carbonin parts. Carbonin – it fits – your bike and your needs.

Our entire dedicated team is happy that you chose Carbonin to make your bike lighter, faster, and look fantastic. Enjoy – in your garage and on the track!

Peter Kuduz, CEO of Carbonin